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What Is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness is available in more than 170 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years. Delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations, what most people love about it is that it actually works!

Access Consciousness offers you the tools and questions to create everything you desire in a different and easier way, and to change the things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now. It empowers you to know that you know and provides you with ways to become totally aware and to begin to function as the conscious being you truly are.

When you’re willing to follow your knowing, and ask a question, it could be the one thing that unlocks your whole world! Are you ready for that?


These life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, it provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving. Then life becomes an adventure of what would I like to choose? What would I like to create? How much fun can I have being alive?


What are Access Bars ?

Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more!

Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?

One of the life changing components that happens naturally with each Bars session is the element of receiving. How often do we just let go, lower our barriers, and allow another person to truly gift to us? Learning to receive is a key in inviting more of what you’re asking for into your life. The Bars facilitates receiving different than any other modality in this reality.

What Science Says

People have been using Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness for over 25 years because the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness work for them. Now, science is on the edge of being able to measure some of the effects of The Bars on the energetic and conscious systems of the body. There is a scientific study being conducted on Access Bars now. Stay tuned for the results! In the meantime, enjoy this taster!

What are The Bars?

The Access Bars are the core of everything in Access Consciousness because if all you did was have your Bars run, or run a person’s Bars, you would eventually become conscious.

The Bars can be the starting point of a great adventure and they can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating a greater ease with everything.

The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. We call all of the points you touch when using this modality “The Bars.”

The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. For example; every thought you have ever had about money that you considered important, the energy of that thought is stored in the Bar called “money.” There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money; 32 different ones in all. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it

What People Say

People report many benefits of having their Bars run. Having your Bars run begins to undo limitations at their source by undoing the unconsciousness that creates limitations. At worst, having your Bars run will leave you feeling like you had a great massage; at best, your whole life may change.

The best way to find out what Access Bars can do for you is to try it for yourself!

“If I get cranky or headachy I’ll get my Bars run and it’s like a magic wand. Everything seems to release and there’s more space for me to be… in Sydney and in the world.”

“My life gets easier… That’s what it does for me.”

“I started to require less sleep which was really nice as a mom of little kids. I wasn’t as tired all the time.”

“I found Bars through a business coach. After my first session I remember walking out and going, ‘I’m home! I found it.. this is going to work for me.’ I just knew it.”

“When I am doing lots of Bars I can handle situations better, I can handle emotions better, I don’t get caught up in it.”

“I had a 15 year old come in last week. His mom called ahead of time and told me that ever since her son was 3 he has been saying that he doesn’t belong on the planet. When she called, her son had just had neck surgery and had told her that he wished he had died during it.”

“We did one hour of Bars and I talked to him and asked him some questions and then he got up off the table like a totally different person. His mom asked, “Do you want to come back?” he said “Yeah, lets come back tomorrow.” He came back two more times and I asked, “So how do you feel? Better? Worse?” to which he responded, “Oh you mean the fact that I’m happy now?”

A Study On Access Bars



People have been using Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness for over 25 years because the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness work for them. Now, science is on the edge of being able to measure some of the effects of The Bars on the energetic and conscious systems of the body. There is a scientific study being conducted on Access Bars now. Stay tuned for the results! In the meantime, enjoy this taster!

Access Energetic Facelift™

The Access Facelift™ is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body. Working with the energy that you and your body have access to though gentle soothing touch to your face and neck, the Access Facelift™ works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

What if you could have a natural facelift instead of going under the knife or having to resort to chemicals like Botox?

What have clients noticed?
– A lessening of lines, wrinkles
– Improved eye-sight
– Firmness and toning of facial muscles and overall skin
– Healing of and reversal of the scarring process
– Healthier skin and overall appearance
– Possibilities for your life showing up better than you may have ever imagined!

What’s Missing?
– There is NO surgical procedure
– NO injections, peels or drugs
– NO recovery time
– NO facial exercises
– NO creams or products to buy or use
– NO lengthy consultations and NO risk

The Access Energetic Facelift™ is an amazing process that smoothes, tightens and rejuvenates your face and your body. No surgery, no injections, no drugs! How does it get any better?

People who have received this process have reported it is like having a life lift, more energy, stability and clarity. What great side effects!

The Access Energetic Facelift™ has been provided professionally in spas, massage practices, anti-aging and wellness centres worldwide.  If you can see the difference from one session, just imagine what if would be like if you had 20 sessions…

Access Body Processes


Access Consciousness has discovered over 50 body processes; energies that can facilitate a body to change and transform. Each of these dynamic processes can be run as a hands-on energy that invites the body to begin to heal and create itself.

What are you and your body choosing?
What if embodiment was about the joy of it; the ease, joy, and glory?

An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body and then asking specific energies to run at each spot. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body. The energies are the natural energies that bodies are and have access to from everywhere in the universe.

Access Body Processes can be learned one or two at a time during a Single or Double Body Process class.

They can also be learned in the Access 3 Day Body Class, which has a manual that contains almost all of the 50+ different body processes. Some of the body processes have their own specific classes such as Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Abuse Hold and the Advanced Body Process class.

You have to have consciousness with your body or it doesn’t change it totally. Without consciousness you will buy physically into the limitations that other people call reality.


The Access 3 Day Body Class is facilitated by an exceptional range of gifted and knowledgeable people. During class they share insights about bodies and the processes. They also use the Access Consciousness Verbal Clearings with whatever is occurring in class and to assist the changes possible with the processes. Each class and each Facilitator’s insights are unique. People have said they have attended multiple classes and received something new each time. Attending a 3 Day Body Class people have reported that they have; stepped out of judgment of them and their bodies, lessened pain, changed body size, changed their lives and laughed more.

One of your body’s greatest talents is its ability to receive. What if it could be one of your greatest talents too?

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