Natural Energy Healing Sessions

With Ho Namkung

People experience sickness and physical, mental, and/or emotional health issues when their energy channels are blocked and the flow is stagnated.  During natural energy healing sessions, these blocks are identified, dissolved, and released, and problem areas are healed deeply at the quantum level as pure universal energy is projected into the body.  As congested and blocked energy channels are opened up, the natural energy flow throughout the body is restored, resulting in regaining health and well-being, while also activating your body’s innate self-healing power…

Fee:  $100.00 per session
Payment: Cash or Check
Please email Ho Namkung at to schedule a session.

During and/or after the sessions, you may experience the following:

  • Severe body temperature changes, extreme cold or heat
  • Energy moving sensation, energy releasing from the body, energy flowing into the body
  • Involuntarily body twitching, body shaking, body movements, tingling, feeling of realignment and restructuring, yawning, muscle aches
  • Physical toxins released in the form of sweating, passing gas, frequent bowel movement
  • Extreme emotional release in the form of crying, anxiety, anger, or sorrow
  • Feelings of relaxation, calmness, lightness, happiness, incredible clarity, rejuvenation, peacefulness
  • Healing crisis, as in temporary increase in pain and/or symptoms of illness
  • Dizziness, mental fogginess, lightheadedness
  • Messages through visual images, hearing, or colors

These are signs that you are being healed as negative, toxic energy blockages are released from the body. Please do not be alarmed.  These will go away in a few hours or a couple of days, depending on the seriousness of your health issues.  Drink extra water, rest, and stay focused on yourself as the healing continues for the next couple of days after the sessions.

Ho Namkung

Ho Namkung

Intuitive Energy Healer, Energy Healing Sessions

Ho Namkung is a powerful intuitive energy healer.  He helps people heal in a very natural way without making physical contact with any part of the body.  His natural ability is to sense and identify energy blockages and to release and dissolve them.  He uses universal healing energy that naturally flows through him during sessions to heal deeply at the quantum level.  His specialty is helping people who are suffering from physical, mental, and/or emotional chronic illness. He has also studied and practiced Tai Chi and Chi Gong for many years from various masters.

His life path underwent a dramatic transformation from telecommunications engineer to natural energy healer when his healing gift revealed itself in an extraordinary and unexpected way, as he constantly searched for a true purpose in life.  Since then, this healing gift has positively affected many people’s health issues, procuring miraculous results.

For the past 20 years, he worked as a Radio Frequency engineer in the mobile telecommunication field.  As he has worked many years in the wireless field, he can naturally bridge the gap between physical and non-physical dimensions, which is thoroughly integrated into his energy healing practice.

He often receives messages from the universe during his sessions, which are channeled through his clients …

Thank you, my son, for your work in much needed on the planet at this time.  We thank you for spreading the light in the hearts of people.  We thank you and we love you”

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We would love to hear from you. We are located in Burke, Virginia. If you come from out of town any of the two area airports are at a convenient distance to the Center.  We are here!

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