We appreciate all the kind comments and testimonials our guests leave for us.  Here are some of them:

The Quantum-Allergy process enabled me to walk. I have been handicapped by heart surgery and could not effectively walk. The process reversed my issue in one day and I can walk well now. Not great but really well considering I couldn’t walk hardly at all.

Ray Jarrad

What an amazing place! In the few weeks I’ve been going there the healing I have had is beyond incredible! The healing I received prompted me to take the Quantum Touch Level 1 workshop and the Access Bars workshop, so blessed to have such a great resource!

Gina and Miriam are incredible

Shazia Sami

Intuitive Wellness Center is a spiritual oasis in the busy Northern Virginia area. The owner Gina Maybury is a warm, caring person who seeks to bring a wide variety of metaphysical and spiritual classes to the community.

All classes here are top notch, full of education and the speakers/teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable about their topics.

I highly recommend any spiritual seeker whether new or advanced to check out the classes and services at Intuitive Wellness Center. You will not be disappointed.

Uma Alexandra Beepat

Quantum-Allergy Wednesdays’ Clinic.  Highly recommend this therapy.  Very effective and helped me clear grief as well as physical symptoms. Hard to believe it’s only $20 for what you receive. Wonderful.
Carol C.

Gina and her staff are amazing! They truly care about each persons well being. There is so much love in this place!

Stacy Strong

A lot of different kinds of classes. Very informative. Great selection.
Melissa Koltos

Wonderful community to support our spiritual and wellness development, thank you Gina.
Nadine Hanson

About a month ago I stubbed my toe really badly, deep wound that turned black. It looked like dead tissue and I was kind of worried about it because it was taking so long to heal. I woke up this morning and it’s gone, it’s not there anymore. There is pink skin where it was and I was quite astounded. I put the SEM card in my shirt over my heart when I left the center and wore it for a few hours. Charged my water and drank it, woke up this morning to a healed wound. Thank you and blessings. I’m thankful for your pursuit of new modalities, this one works for sure. 

Carol Colligan

I released so much during this Quantum-Allergy session. I was treated for trauma, stress, skin issues, food allergies, auto-immune disorders, and a bunch of other things. I think we covered almost everything possible. At one point during a release my right eye was twitching rapidly at the same time my left side upper lip was. LOL! What a sight that must have been.

Thank you Gina and Jo! I am so glad that you are two of the six that have been trained in this health modality in the US and that I was guided to you!

Cindy Headly

This is an amazing place I just finished a 4 days workshop where I released a lot of past garbage and entagelment. I feel FREE and expanded thanl you Gina and Miriam  
Anette Stjaernhjaerta

I’ve taken multiple classes and workshops here. I’ve also rented space and done my Reconnective Healing sessions here. I have an upcoming kombucha class to teach. I love this place. Always meeting cool people here and learning so much. It’s comfortable and spacious. Gina Maybury is kind and generous and very supportive of me as a new business owner. She puts on no airs and is humble in her path to enlightenment. Thanks Gina!

Rebecca Belleza Thompson

Intuitive Wellness Center is great! Gina is so warm and the meetups here are awesome!  I’m happy to have a wellness center to go to and access to great people to learn from.
Cara Christopher

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