Energy healing helps you release blocked energy to purge old beliefs, thoughts, and emotions—most often caused by trauma that you may have been living with for decades or even from your DNA, according to Science Alert and Molecular Psychiatry. The healing opens the pathways to activate your own natural ability to heal. 

As energy opens pathways within the body which may have been slow or blocked, side effects can sometimes be felt. Other people sense no changes so don’t be concerned about your reaction. Each of us reacts to change differently.

People integrate and detoxify the energy system of dis-ease over 21-25 days according to Wanda Lasseter Lundy, Rays of Healing Church and EnergyMasters Institute Founder. After this initial detox period, there may be additional far-reaching shifts and changes that occurs over the next three months or more.

What will I feel?

Almost everyone feels more relaxed, peaceful—drained of stress. People often report feeling smarter, wiser, more insightful, and more motivated. Solutions “just come”. Some people describe their healing as “exhilarating or transcendent” as they feel their connection with the Universe. You may be reminded of what is important and gives meaning and purpose to your life. People report feeling more compassionate to themselves and others. Things that used to irritate may seem insignificant.

Body parts may tingle as energy circulates to formerly blocked areas of your body. You may feel “lighter, unblocked, happier, with less pain and more energy”. Your senses may be heightened. Food may be tastier, touch may be more enjoyable, and colors may appear more vivid. You may think about your health differently.

Could there be side effects?

Most people have no detoxification symptoms. People, especially those who are accustomed to receiving energy healing, could get one every day without side effects. Whatever happens is normal for you.

Some people feel a little wobbly after a major healing, especially those who have more deeply-buried issues. You may feel withdrawal of addictive thoughts before the thoughts leave the system. For example, if you had obsessive thoughts or anxiety, related thoughts and feelings may intensify at first as you release them.

Occasionally, people re-experience sensations and feelings related to trauma, including pain and tingling from former injuries and twinges of a former illness. People who are sick may experience more detoxification symptoms that may include feeling tired, disoriented, and require more sleep. Others need the time to process and integrate changes.

Contact your practitioner immediately if you feel concerned or overwhelmed. My clients text or call me to get an Energy Boost and coaching if challenged after a healing. If you’re dealing with long-held emotional/physical/mental challenges, another healing helps move the tough stuff.

Forever Conscious describes several things that may occur as you release energy; cracking joints, yawning, burping, watering eyes, sneezing and, the ultimate side benefit, orgasm.

Chemical Addiction Withdrawal

Those of us who experience anxiety have wired our brains and nervous system in a “frozen” state where we often automatically misinterpret the world as threatening. If this describes you, you may have addiction withdrawal to clearing the physical, mental, and emotional blocks of the trauma.

Fear and excitement release the same chemicals in the body. The limbic system, the reward center of the brain produces the rush of adrenaline and cortisol when you are afraid and when you what you love most.

Anxiety during detox only intensifies the discomfort. If something is coming up and out, please avoid judgment by getting upset with yourself. The more relaxed you are, the better off you will be, and less detoxing will be necessary. Contact your healing practitioner if you need additional support during this time. Or feel free to contact me (See below.) I’ve been there and have tools that may support your healing.

The body needs extra energy to process the healing, especially in the first Phase. Take care of yourself. Give yourself more rest and down-time. For more information on how to care for yourself after healing, read about the 5R’s in Get the most from your healing in next week’s blog.

Phases of Post-Healing 

There are three phases of post-healing, according to EnergyMasters Institute. If you experience symptoms, the most intense Phase 1 lasts occurs in the first 3-5 days. You may feel energized as energy flows through pathways that may have been blocked for a long time.

You may feel residual mood swings and re-experience some residual discomfort of former illnesses or injuries as the cells expel the memory of former traumas. For example, if you released trauma from a young age—you may feel like that little child—with all the emotional swings, from tantrums to happiness and laughter, and desire for fun and sugar. I’ve personally craved playing with jacks and skipping rope. Keep a sense of humor as your body sheds toxins. 

Phase 2 generally lasts from four to 21-25 days. You may still feel subtle emotional shifts and some physical changes. You may also notice insights, break-through meditations, and a general mood improvement. This may be a time of growth. 

In Phase 3, integration occurs on the physical as thoughts and feelings shift. You may notice new life choices. If you allow it, life becoming a little easier, and subtle relationship changes occur. People may notice this “new you”.

Healing can happen spontaneously, but most often occurs through gradual improvement from multiple healings. I liken healing to an artichoke. You have to peel away layers until you feel safe enough to expose and release the heart of the matter.

About the Author

For more information, contact Wendy Wisner (Roan) at or 202.549.7954. Wendy is an Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher and Spiritual Coach who also provides Spiritual and Mediumship Readings, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Access Bars. Watch for her Get the Most from Your Healing workshop in 2019.

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