“The brain is an easy muscle to cheat. When you smile, you think you’re happy. You feel better.”


You probably feel like a breath of fresh air just blew through after your healing. Here are a few ways to keep your energy flowing.

21 Days to change a belief. 3 months to change a habit.

Science tells us that, on average, it takes 21 days to change a belief and three months to change a habit. Complete healing integration also occurs over 21 days to three months as you release physical and mental toxins while more positively reprogramming your life.

Most people only experience a greater sense of consciousness and well-being after a healing. Some feel euphoric. Occasionally, people experience other sensations before, during, or afterwards.

If you are letting go of something big, you may have a detox reaction as you realign or re-train your body, mind, and emotions to better work together. There may be twinges of anxiety, pain, and/or fear that resurface before you let things go. I have had the occasional intense pain before it leaves my system permanently. The blog, What can I expect after a healing? explains that you may experience a bit more struggle, sickness, or scared feelings as they come up and out. Much like the flu, you may feel a little worse as you detoxify dis-ease and integrate. Symptoms usually only last for a few days. Call your practitioner if you experience discomfort. There is no need to suffer! My clients know that a simple five-minute Energy Boost gets them on their way again.

Going through detox? You may feel a chemical addiction withdrawal.

Are you aware that fear and excitement release the same chemicals in the body? The limbic system, the brain’s reward center, produces the rush of adrenaline and cortisol when you are afraid and when you are doing what you love most. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how we become addicted to fear.

Most of us lock childhood fears into compartments. Healing helps unlock trauma and open doors that release the dragons. I remember the first time I felt complete peace. That complete silence of peace felt strange and uncomfortable after suffering from anxiety for many years. I rejected it at first. It didn’t feel “normal”, and I had painful changes to align with my newfound peace. I now know that part of me rejected the peaceful silence for the anxiety adrenaline addiction.

Feeling great or detoxing, use the 5 Rs to maximize results

  1. Relax and rest. Follow the same protocol as a cold; sleep and rest during the first few days to flush out physical and emotional toxins. WebMD tells us that sleep heals us, boosts our mood, and makes us smarter. Much like a computer, healings (and sleep) update mental and emotional software programs, and replace hardware (cells) for your body. Give yourself the same downtime you give your computer to process changes. Minimize stressful situations for the same reason.Give your mind time to release emotional baggage that no longer serves you through meditation or whatever relaxes you. Reading has been shown to be a great stress buster. Mix it up with listening to music. Some people “sit and stare.” Quiet the mind while you are doing routine activities such as driving or exercising. Extra quiet time will help you release emotional baggage that no longer serves you.You may want to eat a little less as the body needs extra energy to process. Give yourself extra water. You may want to reduce your work outs for a few days.
  2. Replenish your Happiness Meter. Do at least one thing per day that makes you FEEL happy. Smiling and laughing increase feel-good endorphins. Whether forced and real, you will feel better. Have fun with your favorite people.I personally love exercise and yoga to release toxins from low-vibration emotions, to ground me, and keep me healthy. Do whatever brings you pleasure; walk in nature, exercise, or make love with your partner.
  3. Recognize and Release painful thoughts and feelings without judgment; 90 seconds to freedom. This is where the action takes place. Our thoughts create our feelings. Those feelings create our experiences that feed the next thought. Positive thoughts and feelings create positive experiences. Negative creates negative.Judgment only gives energy to what you are letting go—prolonging the agony. You may have some odd behaviors or childish thoughts and reactions to things for a few days. Just let the bottled-up feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions rise up and release. Laugh about it and shrug it off.There are hundreds of release techniques. Experiment with what works best for you. Next time a negative thought or feeling arises:
    • Access Consciousness recommends asking, “Who does this belong to?” Most thoughts are regurgitated, most of which are from others. If the energy lightens up, it is not yours.
    • Notice where a thought creates tension in the body. This may be a trauma locked into the cell. Acknowledge it out loud so the thought form feels heard. Observe it as a third party. Breathe into the tension to release it. If you watch and avoid reacting to the irritating thought or feeling for 90 seconds, it will generally pass through you and dissipate.
    • Forgive yourself and everyone who comes to mind. Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic join many spiritual teachers in telling us how forgiveness heals. We remember to forgive others, but what frequently keeps you locked in pain is forgiving yourself. Need a process? Try Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian forgiveness process that healed a ward of criminally insane patients.
    • Hit the delete button. You can control your thoughts. Substitute what you desire coupled with an elevated emotion. Get clear on what you desire and how to get there. Feel how you will feel as you achieve your desire. Whatever you are thinking right now creates what comes next.
  4. Remain in the Now. Change can only occur right now. You’re safe in this here-and-now moment. Reminiscing about old hurts or worrying about the future, especially in conversation, postpones your healing. Stay in your body through your senses. If negative thoughts or feelings arise:
    • Breathe deeply and exhale slowly through your mouth to cleanse the body and oxygenate the brain.
    • Get out of your head and into your body by tapping. Use EFT or other tapping mechanism (i.e. cross your arms and intermittently tap your forearms, hips, and thighs) or the Thymus Thump (lightly tap your fists intermittently just above your heart).
    • Look around the room and really look at each item around you. Listen to sounds. Feel your bottom in the chair and feet against the floor. Drink water and really taste it. Really taste what you eat.
  5. Reinforce a healthy energy field DAILY. Frustrations occur, accidents happen, feelings get hurt….Create a daily ritual to cleanse your mind and emotions. ALWAYS replace the void with positive energy. Couple any thought with an elevated vision (gratitude, joy).

There are hundreds of clearing rituals and tools (i.e. prayer, meditation, sound, dousing, crystals, mantras, Access Consciousness questions) that can help you. Some people visualize lower-vibration energy falling away when they shower and powering up their energy field. You can pray or command your energy to power up, which clears and aligns your mind, body, and emotions to the Universal Energy.

I personally use a combination of all of the above and more throughout the day. Vary the methods to keep consciously focused and bring your full attention to the effort instead of making it a non-thinking habit. I also pay attention to the energy around me, sending loving energy into large crowds where lower vibrations may be present before I arrive. My partner and I pray together mornings and evenings that strengthen our energy fields. Clear and strengthen your energy field before and after any challenging situation.

Regular healings are also a vital part of keeping myself healthy.

“Energy work is a lot like taking a bath. You can’t take one that will last you the rest of your life. Energy work is constant maintenance.”



For more information, contact Wendy Wisner (Roan) at wendy@radiantyou.us or 202.549.7954 or attend her Get the Most from Your Healing workshop. Wendy is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach who also provides Sound Healing, Reiki, Spiritual and Mediumship Readings, and Access Bars.

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